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Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Digital Media at Tecnológico de Monterrey

Master's in Publishing

at The University of Sydney.

Currently studying.

We are here on this planet to evolve as human beings, and for me, words are fundamental to maintain a balance in life


"If it is not pleasant enough, you are not going to enjoy it", it's a phrase that I am constantly saying to myself because, if something is not appealing enough, you will get bored of the same stuff. Therefore, this is when the designer part of me arises whenever I have the need to create something attractive.


On the other hand, writing is more than a hobby for me. It is the mental space and place where I can express and release all the emotions that life gives me through obstacles. Also, I recently discovered that people that have read me –through my blog– can relate to what I say, and apparently loneliness on their lives walks out through their door because after reading my words they feel understood

Playing with images, colors, shadows, and transparency is my passion. However, mixing that designing work with my own written thoughts,

is what fuels my soul