Personal Blog: Letters in Quotes

Date of creation: December 2019


Letters in Quotes started as a personal way to let my feelings out of my chest by releasing them out of my brain in order to feel better about them. It was supposed to be something private because of the fact that my heart and soul was being put into these written words. However, after talking to some friends, I realised how everyone is going through something but usually do not express those thoughts; turning into a timing bomb where it is a matter of time when the individual is about to explode

I have created this blog with the skills that I have been collecting throughout my life.

Designing the website, Facebook and Instagram page was fun, interesting and rewarding.

Thanks to that, I realised how easy is to make something from scratch as long as you have the basic idea to work with.


Throughout the process, some little details have been changing but the main core of the original version stayed

Having .a platform where I am able to collect all my thoughts and emotions in a visual way is wonderful. However, people's reaction towards my words and gratefulness for writing them is the most fulfilling and enriching experience I could've expected to have.

Describing your feelings while letting everyone know them can be scary but, knowing that you may be helping someone else on the other side of the screen by making them feel that they are not alone, makes the fear vanish like dust in a storm.