Designed it from scratch using the tools that Wix offersDisclaimer: I do not own most of the photos that appear on the site. The ones there were downloaded from the UNSPLASH site.

However, all the writing belongs to me

Designed this website to promote A+ tutoring services along the web.

Designed this website to promote the Sydney Uni Law Society Candidate for the 2020 Presidential Campaign. I took all the photos that appear on the site and edited them in order to look with a cartoon touch because the theme was POP CultureThe whole campaign was designed in less than 4 days: photoshoot, photo editing, video recording, video editing (the only part where I didn't help), logo designed and stickers

Designed this website to promote my work to the public. The photos under the Photography section are all mine. However, some videos that appear on this website were downloaded from Pexels Website. Most of these last videos which I do not own were edited by me for them to match the website's style in Premiere Pro

We are here for you, Mate!

Final Project for my Masters in Publishing at The University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia.

POP! For SULS 2020

Sydney Uni.Law Society

SAPAC 2020

'Thanks to her, you are alive'.