The power of blending text and images to create one

of the most majestic communication channels. 

My passion goes from designing Book and Magazine Covers – with their internal pages – to Corporate Presentations and Business Handout Documents.

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Soul Food: Food Recipe Book Cover

This cover was designed as part of my Master's program. I collected high definition images from the internet and merged them with the text I was provided with, creating a fresh and attractive cover for a food recipe book.

Soul Food: Food Recipe Book Internal Pages

These internal pages were designed as part of my Master's program.

The complete project was designed with Adobe InDesign, using several internet sites to add up the photographs.

'We are here for you' - Media Campaign

The objective of this media campaign was to positively influence the engagement of Australians with the 'Head to Health' official website and to educate and encourage individuals to obtain necessary Mental Health advice and support when needed. 

ESCAPISM MAGAZINE - Travel and Entertainment.

The design of this magazine was inspired by my favorite city in the world: Sydney, Australia. I wanted for it to capture the official city's color: blue, without losing its modern and minimalistic touch. The entire concept was my idea. This was an individual project part of my Master's Program.


Before any project design, a mood board must be created. This was the mood board I created before designing ESCAPISM. 

How to grow up without failing to be an adult.

ADULTING MAGAZINE was designed to be a monthly publication that acts as a how-to guide for becoming a successful adult for young generations. The entire design was my creation. 



Pitching an idea to investors is fundamental before writing, designing, and printing any magazine. This is what my team and I created to pitch ADULTING. Once again, the entire publication design of it was my creation.


GREAT ESCAPES: Cover Project

For history, this was my first ever publication design. 


My job here is to present the information in a clear, clean, and understandable way,

without forgetting to present it in an attractive and catchy way.

MINI COOPER: Marketing Analysis

HEAD TO HEALTH: Media Campaign Proposal

Wrote and designed this presentation.

Cuídala que se acaba: Visual Media Campaign.

This campaign was designed for the Morelos State of Mexico. The posters, written information, and the presentation design are my creation.

The University of Sydney Law Society: Launch 2020

This presentation was designed to present who would be in charge of running The University of Sydney Law Society (SULS) for the 2020 ticket.

The first two photographs were taken by me. 

The University of Sydney Law Society Ticket Campaign:

Official Designer for the 2020 Presidential Campaign of The Sydney University Law Society.